Bohemia (Rapper) Struggle Net Worth, Success Story, Biography, Hiphop, Wife.

Bohemia , Net Worth, Success Story, Biography, Girlfriend and Controversy


• Today we will talk about famous Punjabi Desi Hip Hop singer Bohemia and we will also discuss about the biography of Bohemia parents, wife, children, age, lifestyle and most important his success story.

Bohemia is considered as Punjabi Rap King in Punjabi Rap/ Hiphop Industry by his singing and writing talent he had became a successful and one of the most popular hiphop singer. For more information stay connected and read the information below.

Bohemia (Desi Rapper) Net Worth, Success Story, Biography, Hiphop, Wife and Controversy

Lets Know more about Bohemia

Bohemia has very big name in Punjabi Hiphop/Rap Industry. He is basically known as a Singer/Lyricist/Rapper and he is also a music producer. We can say that he is an all rounder in music field

 • He is most famous for his Punjabi rap Songs. He sung many hit rap songs like Kali Dunali, Kadi Kadi, Dua Karo, Car Nachdi, Same Beef and many more

Bohemia Parents

Bohemia one said that he lost his mom when he was just 14-15 years old and his mother was died due to cancer. He also said that he was quite a momma's boy that made his mad and he pushed to the bad things. 

Bohemia also said it was only his dad who played very important role in his life and supported him. He said that his dad played the harmonium and Bohemia learnt playing music keyboard from his dad. 

• But unfortunately his father passed away in September 2018 . Bohemia said that his father was suffering from very bad health from the past few days. 

Bohemia with his dad
Bohemia with his Dad

Real Name and Birth

Bohemia's real name is Roger David.

Roger David was born on 15 October 1979 in Karachi,Pakistan

• The family moved to Lahore he spent his childhood there he spent his seven years in Peshawar. While he was of 14 years old, his family moved to the United States

Age and Physical Appreance

Bohemia age is 41 Years (as in 2020)

• His height is about 5'9"

• His weight is approx 70 kg

• His eye colour is dark brown and his hair colour is black

• His religion is Christianity

Bohemia best pic

Bohemia Net Worth 

• The net worth of Bohemia is about $1 Million - $5 Million (Approx) 

• His main source of income is Singing rap songs and by doing shows worldwide. 

Bohemia Relationship Status

• Bohemia gets married with Sunny David in November 2015. It was too late for Bohemia  to get married. 

• The Couple looked very beautiful at their marriage day. Here is one of their beautiful pics.

Bohemia with his wife

Bohemia Success Story 

Bohemia spent his first 14 years of life in Pakistan. His father was an employee in Pakistan Airlines there. 

• When he was of 14 years Bohemia and his family moved to America(New York). His father gifted him a music keyboard there.It was only because of that music keyboard that increased the bohemia's intrest in music. 

• But unfortunately when he was only 14 years old his Mom suddenly died because of cancer. After that incident his relations with his father became weaker
Bohemia best pic

• That time was the most difficult time for Bohemia. He also left his house and spent most of his nights on the road. At that time he also slept under the cars, bus stands for few months. 

Bohemia also said in a interview that when he left his house he had only 25 cents and he was also suffering from hungar at that time but there was nothing of 25 cents for eating then he buyed a chewing gum from that 25 cents and started chewing it. 

• At that time he was doesn't even know how to spoke english properly and that time was a black time in the life of Bohemia. After some months he had make good friends there and started living with his friends. 

Bohemia on bridge

• Then he started playing music keyboard in the parties for earning some money. He also had started singing songs with his friends which were written by him. Due to his good lyrics of his songs he was getting famous in his city and he also got a job in a music studio. 

• One day suddenly his friend got murdered. When bohemia came to know that his friend' got murdered he had gone in deep depression. Bohemia stopped going for performing at parties but he never stopped writing songs. 

• After some time he dropped an album"Vich Pardesa de" In 2002 which was quitely related to his life. That album got much liked by the people. That album reached the top 10  in BBC Radio UK.He got famoused in foreign countries but was not yet famoused in India.

Bohemia on road

• Then he released his album named "Paisa Nasha pyar" in 2006 with Universal music Group . After that he got much fame in India also. After that Bohemia never looked back and his good days had been started. 

• He released his lot of songs later like Kali Dunali which got very famoused. 


1.) Was Bohemia had a controversy with Honey Singh? 
Ans. Its answer is Yes! He got in controversy with Honey Singh because Bohemia never liked the way in which Hiney Singh had sung in Hiphop Culture. 

2.)  Is Bohemia's Struggle is real? 
Ans.) Definately yes, He struggle too much in his life and he faced every situation in his life even he also slept under bus stations for few months but he never stopped and one day he succeeded in his life. 

3.) Is Bohemia is not married yet?
Ans.) Its answer is No! He had married quite late . But he got married in 2015 with Sunny David. 

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